Russell Homer

Today was unreal. First we went to our schools in our separate villages. My group headed for Bala Khali. The girls there were amazing, they were so smart and had amazing attitudes considering the conditions they live under. They were great students and had a thirst for knowledge. We left Bala Khali and went to the day boarding school to meet up with all YMAD kids. We then taught all the young girls in that village. Like in Bala Khali the girls were awesome, it was so fun to play games and hang out with them. It was hilarious when we would try to talk to them and just butcher the Bengali. After that we drove home to Nistha and looked around the town a little bit. After eating some roadside samosas we decided to return to Nistha for the night. I truly have never experienced anything like this. The area we live in is so beautiful. Its unprecedented. I hope all is well back in the big SLC.