Royals and Real Talk

imageWe had a great meeting on Sunday night! We started off on an exciting note with a special visit from Ms. Utah (pictured above). She shared an inspiring message about braiding hair with our group and we appreciated the encouragement to continue our service!! Our Ted talks were given by Nell, Addie, Dorothy, and Sam. Nell talked about empathy and what a powerful tool it can be in our lives and in India. Addie's Ted talk was about noticing details in our lives and the importance of seemingly small things in our lives. Dorothy spoke about gratitude and of the appreciation we might see in India despite the impoverished conditions. The final Ted talk was by Sam, who used the power of mentality in sports as a demonstration for how we can push ourselves beyond our limits. Thanks to all of our speakers! We then heard a freaky presentation from our Doctor Adam about the medical precautions we need to be aware of in our preparation for India. Although we saw some pretty scarring images, we are lucky to have such a great medical expert willing to help us throughout our travels. Adam is a great addition to our expedition! We then began to practice day 2 of our education workshops in small groups and worked on how to most effectively teach the kids in India our lessons. This preparation time is valuable for us and it is important that we master our lessons before our expedition so that we can teach the kids the maximum amount we can hopefully enable them for increased opportunities. Continue to look over your lessons at home until you feel like you are comfortable enough to teach them to a group of kids.We then met in our teams and planned any upcoming events and contests. The communications team announced the ohming competition, be sure to email Taylor any pictures you have meditating in exciting places! Those who participate will be well rewarded. Finally we sang and danced our little hearts out. Everyone needs to be working on their talents for the talent show at the end of August. See you all on the 27th!