Report on the Red Team - Bamangatchi

Report on the Red Team - Bamangatchi Wow. Just …….. WOW. I can’t possibly attempt to describe much of anything we are seeing here in India. Nothing is like anything we have seen before. This is an incredibly fascinating place, country, people, and culture, and an incredibly rich experience — and it will probably take us months or even years to process and share what is happening here. But what is very clear already is that the teens are prepared and ready to help the children here, and they are doing an amazing job. I get to work with Addy, Amy, Brontë, Daniel, Matthew, and Sabrina, and we spend our mornings in the village school and the homes in Bamangatchi. Then we join the entire YMAD team at the Main Day Boarding School in Baruipur. Addy has non-stop energy and a non-stop smile, and she never complains - despite the fact that she STILL doesn’t have her luggage!! The children love her, and she is always able to get them excited and back on track. Amy is so humble and gentle in her teaching, and she is incredibly talented. The children sit in awe as she draws pictures for them to teach them English words, and she is managing to work art lessons into her teaching at the boarding school. The pictures the girls have painted will be treasured souvenirs of her time here. Brontë is completely unflappable. She has suffered no culture shock and she takes everything in stride. She is setting an example of order, cleanliness, courteousness, and ultimate dependability. (She even helps to remind me take my malaria meds. Thanks, Brontë!) Daniel is kind, earnest, and has the world’s most contagious smile. His eyes sparkle, and he is extremely sensitive to and insightful about the destitute condition of the people here. Daniel views this world with wonder, and our whole group benefits from his perspective. Matthew is our quiet leader, stoic and long-suffering (he also still has no luggage - and has not offered a single complaint.) I have leaned on Matthew since before we left for India because he is such an effective leader and so willing to do tedious things without complaining. Matthew is a joy, and a calming influence on our group - and he is a gentle and believed teacher. Sabrina has a true gift for teaching. I am completely amazed at her effectiveness in teaching - with any topic, any size group, any time of day, and any situation. The kids are always focused on Sabrina, and they are increasing their vocabulary and understanding in almost magical ways. She also has an incredibly loving heart. She is sensitive to the needs of our whole YMAD team, and she is bonding quickly with the children and the families here in India. The teens are having a beautiful and rich experience among these beautiful people —who are poor by EVERY material measure, but rich in love, rich in community, and rich in their faith. Thank you for supporting them in this incredible adventure.