This journey has gone by so fast, days have blurred together. I am so grateful and blessed, incredibly so by getting to see and know these amazing Kids. I have grown so much and been changed by my Kids. I miss them tremendously, I must always remember this life changing experience and the great examples of these wonderful Children. They are the best examples of having so much happiness, humiliy, and so much pure love. It was extremely hard leaving them on Monday.. Here is a very special part of my journal for the end of that day ; "How can I possibly describe today? I tell you now I cannot fully. Our purpose of helping These kids and teaching them has come to a close, tears have filled my eyes, the Kids, look at me with confusion yet not, a puzzled look of is this real. It's hard, so hard to think that was it. I gave it my all, had much fun, and at the closing Danu told the Children this was our last time here. It made my heart choke and like drop, the precious girls, these little special girls got tears coming in their eyes.. I love all of them.. These Kids are one of a kind. My heart hurts and misses them. I miss them so bad, I want to come back here more than anything.. There's this indescribable feeling of love and this connection of such great worth and is so incredibly special... These incredible Children have changed me.."

I am a living testament that we can make a Difference, even in just a week, Ymad makes a difference, and I am forever grateful to be a part of this and to have these amazing connections and priceless experiences. I love you all and thank my Heavenly Father for all I have, for my loving Family, and for all the time I had to spend with these, truly amazing Kids.

Jordan Biesinger