Rebecca Pace

ITS OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS! Since today is the day after Thanksgiving I can now listen to my Christmas music with out everyone getting mad at me.

However, today was like Christmas for another reason. This morning we taught our English workshops at Daya and at the end of the day we passed out the school supplies to all of the kids! Everything we gave them they went crazy over. They could not believe we had so much to give them, and they were so careful with every little thing. They were excited when we sharpened their pencils and showed them how to glue feathers on their notebooks.
Giving the the kids at Daya gifts is one of my favorite things about India. The littlest things make them so happy, and they go insane over the stuff I take for granted. I am going to be super sad when we leave them because I love them so much and I know they love me too. It has been Christmas for all of us!