So many experiences to share! Successful school days, cricket matches at the ashram, shopping at the market, the cultural exchange, dinner with government officials, receiving a safety puja (prayer) at Luxmi Narayan Temple, and a little bit of down-time…….. While returning from the temple earlier today, a shop-owner pointed at us and showed us a newspaper.  There were photos of us and a page-full of print all about our cultural experience. As we are looking at the paper, I see footage of us on a black and white television in the shop.  CRAZY! Our team is a big deal here!!!

I know I said it before, but EVERYONE on my team is just incredible to watch interacting with the kids.  Isaac, Nate and Elliot are all-in when playing with the kids, especially with the ashram boys.  The boys are just drawn to their personalities, and everyone has a really good time.  Kate, Kenzie, Madeline and Stephie are SO good with the school kids!  They are incredibly effective teachers and I’m certain the kids are absolutely in love with all of them.

I would just like to mention that the cricket match with the ashram boys, my first match ever, was won by the team Nate and I were on.  Nate had some solid hits, and I have to mention that I struck Elliot out, twice, with my first experience as “the bowler” (pitcher).  When we gave the boys the cricket supplies the day before, my team all signed our names on the face of the bat.  When we returned the next day I noticed all of the ashram boys had signed it as well the night we gave it to them.  It was great to feel an unspoken connection with them.

PARENTS: Rest well. Your kids are still healthy, happy and making a difference here! I’m so glad to know each and every one of them.  I am grateful for their role in making my experience here incredible!!!



PS. Wendy, Tyler, Andrew and Viv, I love and miss you all!