Raksha Bandhan - Hilari Bloomfield

Today is a Raksha Bandhan. By definition this word means the bond of protection. It is a holiday that symbolizes the sister's love and prayers for her brother's well-being, and the brother's lifelong vow to protect her. 

This morning we were able to celebrate this holiday with the girls, they brought bracelets for the YMAD guys, and the guys had gifts for all of the girls. We sat girls on one side, guys on the other.  Each girl was more than excited to give them, and every single guy was more than ecstatic to receive them.  The girls wore a scarf over their heads to present the guys with their bracelets, and put a red dot in the middle of their foreheads. It was so incredible to see their culture and to see that they value the relationship between their brother and sister, and to recognize how much I take my brother for granted. Love you Tuck.
After the girls all gave bracelets the guys presented the girls with gifts, which consisted of candy and 50 rupees. (Sounds like a lot, but realistically it’s about one dollar) The girls were so excited! Over one dollar, it was amazing.
Every single second here has been incredible. There are always the ups and the downs, but the ups far, far outweigh the downs. I love the little girls here, especially these two sisters named Kritika and Rohini. Neither of them opened up at first, but they finally today came out of their shell, and I laughed the whole time we were making hats. We went to the market tonight, had dinner (BEST DINNER I’VE HAD HERE) which consisted of tomato cheese with rice, and this delicious mushroom thing. I love Indian food. I wont be blogging again this trip so I wanted to tell you family that I love you, and HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICTORIA. I love you so much!