Rachel Rawlings

Yesterday was such an amazing day! We got to meet the kids for the first time and I loved it. We rode to our village in rickshaws and arrived at the school. When we went into the school, there were about forty beautiful girls sitting in a tiny room. They were really shy at first, but pretty soon we had their complete trust. I don’t think they stopped smiling the whole time we were there. There was one girl named Pria who quickly became my favorite. When we made bracelets with them for the craft, the girls came and tied them on my wrists, so by the end, I had about ten. I felt so loved. The hardest thing for me was seeing these girls who are so happy, but who have so little. They are always smiling and we are able to tell each other our names, but there isn’t much we can talk about besides that. I want to ask these girls deeper questions. I want to learn about their lives, their families, their struggles. I want to know what they think and feel. I can’t wait to go back to see these girls tomorrow!
We spent some time going around the village and learning more about the people. I have never been treated with so much honor and respect in my life! It was really hot and humid, and they had women and girls surround us and fan us as they spoke to us. They fed us food, and performed rituals in which they gave us their blessings. It was so inspiring to here how hard these women work for their rights, and yet, how poorly they are treated. I am so excited to be here in India, and I wouldn’t trade the experience I’ve had so far for anything.