Rachel Rawlings

Namaskar! India has been an extremely remarkable experience for the entire YMAD team, and I feel like every single team member has grown so much here. On Sunday, we spent our last day with the kids at the Day Boarding School. It was so much fun! From dancing to singing to laughing to crying, it was one of the best days of my life. It was so hard to leave the kids; I had no idea how attached I’d actually become to these kids. I didn’t want to leave them because I feel like they are my new family. It was heart wrenching to see every single girl at the DBS in tears as we said our last goodbyes. I don’t think that any of us realized how much we impacted the lives of these people in the short time that we spent with them.

We have been living in the jungle for the past two days while visiting the Sunderban Tiger Camp. It was very relaxing to spend time on the boat and look for animals. The first night, I had a monkey in my hut. We didn’t really sleep because we were scared it was going to attack us, but there wasn’t any harm done. It just stole some beef jerky. I would just like to thank everyone again for all of the great support and love in making this expedition possible!