Sadly, it took me all day to try and think of that title haha!  I decided it stands for Quickly Understanding Every Silly Thing, but it is not completely true since I still know practically nothing.  Everything is so amazing here and I have learned and seen more than I thought I ever would. I am new at this whole blogging thing so I am just going to go for it!  It also doesn’t help that my friends are reading this over my shoulder haha.  I want to share my story in three different paragraphs.  I will share my interesting journey of traveling, fun stories with my group, and the amazing and my experience of the first few days in my school.

Oh the traveling.  I never wanted to jump off a plane before but the thought crossed my mind after the 17 hours of traveling only to find out we were almost half way.  Sleeping was ridiculously hard in plane or car.  To sum up the plane: long hours, many movies, and terrible food.  If only I packed those poptarts!  To sum up the car ride:  INSANE driving, a lot of staring, a ton of bumps in the road, and also long hours.  I was happy to finally set up camp and sleep!

My group is AWESOME!  They are so welcoming and I just love spending time with them.  Even though we have had many trials to start our adventures, we have always pulled through!

I mostly want to talk about my school.  I have already fallen in love!  It has been incredible and the kids are so smart.  They are so excited to see us come and they love spending time with us, and I LOVE spending time with them J.  It was a bit challenging in the beginning, but it is definitely worth every moment!  Every smile, every laugh, every look of understanding has melted my heart and I know we are helping make a difference in their life, but they are making a big difference in mine.  I am now ending since others need to blog and I am missing out on some night bonfire quality time!  Blog to you later ;)   P.S. mom my camera has died and I cant charge it at this time so don’t hate me!  Haha love you!!!!

~Cynthia Dixon