I can't believe we are almost done teaching in the schools!  We were warned that it would go fast, but I didn't expect this fast.  I decided to dedicate tonight's blog to sending out some shout outs.  I have been so impressed, touched, appreciative, enlightened......Props to our incredible translator Nandina Thakur  who has come to the school with us everyday, and who has put up with us yanking her in every direction to help us explain directions to students, or enduring very squished car rides with some not so quiet teens! :) She is so great and sweet, we have all grown to love her. Props to all the leaders here. Greg and Megan are so dedicated to the YMAD kids and the kids here in India, it's very inspirational! We could not be in better hands. Props to the drivers who get us safely from point a to point b without fail ( who also have to endure the very loud tendencies of crazy American teens!) Props to the STELLAR  Team "007" who are definitely "Making a Change"! Stacey is always keeping things lively and entertaining!!  We are loving her quotable quotes.  She is always full of laughs and has a smile on her face.  The kids are drawn to her positive attitude.  It  is a joy to watch her teach. Carrie is a trooper.  Always good to roll with the punches and take on whatever task is needed to succeed.  She loves these kids!  I don't think she ever finishes her lunch on the days we are teaching,  the second the kids are done with their lunch, she is out interacting with and loving them! Miss Megan is a natural teacher.  She is so great at keeping the kids engaged and adapts for every level.  She is a humble leader. Does what needs to be done without needing to be asked.   That is an incredible quality that is admirable. Madi is so reliable.  I always know that I can count on her help at any time.  She is eager to be of assistance always!  That is such a help!   She has a way of connecting with the kids here.  She takes her lessons very serious and is always prepared, which makes a huge difference! Now, the boys: Bennett is real.  He has incredible strengths and is willing to admit where he would like to improve.  I admire that quality in him.  He is there whenever I ask for help.  He LOVES these kids.  Especially his "boys" and they adore him.  It is touching to hear the waiting group of little kids chant" Bennett, Bennett, Bennett" as they wait for him to transition to their group to teach.  Love it. Jensson is our quiet rock.   He is amazing. He is humble.  He is always watching out for others, just because.  He has an incredible amount of patience, especially while teaching.  The kids really respect him, and love him.  It's incredible to watch. These kids have taken care of me on this trip!  So willing to help with whatever needs to be done.  They are full of respect.  The boys have been very impressive.  Waiting to give me a hand as we walk down a steep terrain and carrying heavy bags so I don't have to (or any of the girls for that matter). I have really grown to love and respect each one of them. With that said... Props to the parents of these teens.  Thank you for raising amazing humanitarians and trusting them in our care for these few weeks. They have represented you well!   You have every right to be proud. Finally, props to these kids in India.  We painted a mural at the school, and on it left the quote "Everyone smiles in the same language".  There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the smiles exchanged as I watch the interactions between teacher and student.  These kids have a way of burrowing into your heart- forever. Erin Farrer