Prepared From Life…

By Madi Anderson India has been an absolutely amazing experience; I cannot believe everything that has happened here.  I have met so many amazing people-both in the group an here in India.  I love the Mihar School where my group has been serving.  These kids are amazing, they are so smart, even when the come from crappy home situations.

Back to my original thought.  I have been prepared my whole life for this experience. I know how to conduct myself around others.  I know how to speak in front of others, and teach others in a way they can understand.  Being a tutor has really helped with my ability to teach others-across a variety of subjects, not just math.  Same with speaking in front of people, I know how to not be nervous and get my point across.

Having the experience with Girl’s Camp.  I know how to camp-kinda.   I know how to take a cold shower, and not die.   Granted I took a waterfall shower first, but that was really cool-literally.  I know how to layer clothes and that has been a saving grace here.  I remember wool socks-I sleep through the night and it is fabulous.  I know the importance of being prepared for anything-and how much that can help. The importance of water on this trip has been seen; the importance of drinking water and cleaning water.  It is fabulous stuff.

I know how to be away from home.  I have gotten a little homesick and that happens with everyone.  Had I not had the opportunity to travel, I would be more and more homesick.  Mom I’m fine don’t worry.  I know how to wash clothes, brush my teeth, and take care in a crowd.

I know how to make friends, and I am so glad that I can.  I love the kids at our school, and I love the kids in our group.  I cannot imagine being in India with any kids than these.  I wouldn’t have had the awesome experiences if these people weren’t here.  I know that this experience will make me a better person in everything I do.

Don’t worry I’m fine, I’m clean-ish, well fed and safe.

I love you all, thanks so much for the support that you’ve given me.  I’ll see you all too soon.

Peace out!