Please send perfume!

Due to my lack of personal luggage, I’m pretty sure I smell SO bad. I haven’t had a change of clothes since Friday morning…you might think it’s gross—but it’s almost acceptable here in Jibhi! I’ve only had like 4 Indians plug their nose and tell me to leave. I’m off to a good start. My school is on top of the mountain peak and in order to get to it you need to get out of the SUV and hike for 20 minutes—and when I say hike I mean HIKE. Over rocks and branches and extremely uphill! Bad time to lose my inhaler. It’s nothing like hiking in the mountains in Utah. But now I can tell people that I’ve hiked in the Himalayas, and that’s all that really matters. I was so worried that I wouldn’t feel some sort of connection with the kids in my school, but boy was I wrong! I got there and automatically loved every single one of them! I opted to spend the night there so I could see them again first thing in the morning, but my leaders shot that one down pretty quick. I especially found myself loving this little boy named Yograj. He is the ring leader of all the 6th grade boys and quite the tyrant! We get along like best friends. We didn’t have our education kits today because they were in the bags that didn’t quite make it from Salt Lake, but that didn’t’ stop us from having the time of our lives getting to know these little kids! Luckily I had a little hand mirror in my backpack and that came in EXTREMELY handy because I was teaching about Emotions and those kids absolutely love seeing their reflection—and I hated seeing mine. It’s adorable to see the faces they make and they way they crowd around the mirror. All they want to do is hold our hands all day long, and I never want to let of theirs. Sorry mom and dad, but I think I might stay here when everyone leaves. I like it too much to leave. Love,