PIZZA GIVE ME MORE!!! -Katie Craig

Dear Family & Friends, Well we’re out of tiger camp now and in a hotel. Guess what?!?! There were no tigers……L but it’s okay because shindia happens and a lot of shindia has happened. I am having so much fun with all the YMAD kids!! Tiger camp was very relaxing and fun! Smelt a lot better than Neshta!

We got pizza tonight you should have seen how excited we were to get not good pizza! I was so hungry!!!! I ate 4 pic’s of pizza!!! That’s a lot!!! Our hotel has a POOL!! OMG!! I Love India! I Love the Kids! It’s weird thinking that it’s over.

I miss my little girls! I miss America! I miss everyone in Utah! It’s weird writing blogs because you guy are a day behind us! So it’s weird!