Perspective. (Nate Lawes)

IMG_0677 Incredible. Picking someone up and dropping them half a world away certainly forces some retrospect on that individual. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what you’re doing---You’re going to have your perspective changed.

Stepping out of the car at Salt Lake City International wasn’t too much of a foreign experience for me, I’ve traveled by plane before. Being greeted by armed guards at the airport in Delhi after stepping off the jetway definitely was. The insane amounts of pollution, driving on the wrong side of the road, incessant honking, and revolting airplane food was too. That and much more pales in comparison to the emotions I felt when I first saw the orphans I would be teaching.  Throughout the past three days I’ve taught them, I’ve learned a lot. And NO, I do understand English.  Its what I’ve learned from how they live, how the act, and much more. One of my favorite orphans is a little 5-year-old girl named Riboo. She is always full of energy and has the cutest personality. I’ve fallen in love with her and has changed my perspective of what it means to love and even live. Her shoes are cheap plastic and are falling apart. She doesn’t even notice or seem to care. In my eyes, her life is very difficult, to put it simply. Through her eyes, she has a normal, easy day. She has no knowledge of how much better her life could be. It really makes an impact on my perspective of life and how ridiculously easy I have it. It makes me wonder why I ended up in South Jordan, Utah and she landed in Rajnaghar, Himachal Pradesh, India. Perspective, my friends.