David Lee Shaw


Perspective is a waste to the pessimist, Hope for the poor, and a treasure to the wise.
Perspective is everything. It is what keeps us sane, or runs us to insanity. There is a choice of how we take in every situation, every event.

Positive or Negative
Good or Bad

Or Rather

The discernment between Reality and Illusion.

In Reality- you take the situation as is. You accept it, you re-plan, and you adjust.
When you are in reality, and you are accepting, you find it is easier to see the positive. In fact, you have already found the positive

-By acting-

In Illusion- excuses are made. Stories are conjured, and work is put off.

-The bus ride took an extra three hours how awful-
-The bus ride took longer, and I was able to see three hours more of beautiful India-

-I forgot my lunch-
-I was able to play with my kids for 30 more minutes-

-I ripped up my thigh chasing birds and slipping on bird feed-
-I have a really funny video of me slipping on bird feed-

Perspective is required for progression, one way or another, perspective IS required. It is the make or break of your experience in school


April 10, Last Day

Going home.