Paul Sadeir

I have to limit myself to just one experience despite wanting to share so much. India is still beautiful and stinky, the Himalayas grew while I was gone, and unexpected adventures like riding yaks continue to present themselves.  But the highlight thus far, without a doubt, has been seeing my best buds Poonam and Lata in Kullu.  

During the six months of preparation there were many inconvenient meetings and times of almost unbearable anxiety over the fundraising. Tack on 40 plus hours of traveling and it’s hard to imagine that it could all be worth 1 hour with Poonam and Lata, but it was. I trekked up the mountainside with Raj to their house. We poked our heads inside and the mutual feeling of excitement and joy was so rewarding.


I have heard love described as being equally proportional to your willingness to sacrifice. Exercising a great amount of love, or sacrifice, taps in to a well of happiness that otherwise goes unnoticed. It’s almost as if we are all walking around dehydrated but have grown so accustomed to the thirst that it becomes a state of normality. Not until we drink from that well of happiness do we realize how thirsty we really were. I’m so grateful that God gives us so many opportunities to quench that thirst. Unfortunately I pass up the opportunity too often, but it is a fun lesson to learn. Poonam and Lata are amazing and I am so happy I got to see them. Can’t wait till we get to Chamba to work with the rest of the girls.