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If there are any parents out there who have a gift with either; Missing luggage or American Airlines...we are at the end of our rope. We have 11 bags still unaccounted for, 5 kids and 2 adults have now been with out their personal bags for a full week. We have been working both ends, the American Airlines side and the Cathy Pacific side...we have found out nothing. Just the good ol'fashioned run around. So if this is in your skill set, please give me a call!


Thank you!

*update: We know the bags are in Chicago, we know that American Air will not ship them without a request from Cathy Airways. This is where they got stuck. We are trying to encourage/ask/beg Cathy to move forward. This is not something we are casually doing...we have exhausted our efforts.

I also want to ease the mind of parent who's children are without bags-THEY ARE OKAY. When the luggage went missing we made sure they were taken care of, clothing and toiletries were purchased as well as bedding. They also packed their personal carryon bags to compensate(as much as is could) for this situation. They all have said the thing they miss the most is the pictures and gifts they made to give to their students. Is this ideal-nope, but fortunately you have raised resilient, adaptable kids!

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