Panoramic View

The entire team hiked to a trekking hut high up in the Himalayas. It was a tough hike, but everyone made it! The view was spectacular above the smog and smoke of the villages. There were tents set up for them in advance. Today they hiked down to our friend Mr. Dahmi's Place. It is called the Orchard Hut. He and his family help run YMAD in Chamba. He works with our Orphanages, his children are our interpreters, they are an amazing family and they own the Orchard Hut. It is a great place to relax after working as hard as the team does. I added a link for you to be able to see where they are. The chances are good that there will not be anymore posts from the team because there is not access the internet. We will try to post updates for you. The leaders are so inspired at how amazing your teens are. Thanks for your efforts in raising teens who want to make a difference.