Paint in the Stache - James Baird

For the past several days we have been staying at the NHPC in chamba. It is a government compound. Part of the deal with us staying here is we had to paint the inside of a building that we were using because they are turning it in to a kindergarten.

Today was the day that we started painting the building. And with in the first five minutes of painting there was paint all over our faces. It was great! Jeff and I painted our mustaches. Pretty sure I looked like Hulk Hogan, it was so dope.  But by far the best part of painting was when Poonam and Lata came to help us. They had so much fun painting the walls tickling us and putting paint all over our faces. What little stinkers I love them.

It was also kind of a sad night tonight because it was their last night with them. We gave them some gifts and sang them a song and said our good byes. Tears were shed because every one has loved them so much. I am so grateful that my team cares so much because these girls really benefit from it . This is the second time I have had to say good bye to them and it was just as heart wrenching as the first time. I really do love those to girls so much. I promised them that I would see them again and wished them a safe journey.  They are the reason I come to India they hold my heart and they will forever.