Out to Shout: Madi Galli

Shoutout to Sabrina for not telling me she had Chips Ahoy cookies until they were gone. Rude. Oh and for showing us her mating call..or…uh…ritual. Shoutout to Jessica for losing 350 pounds and making a weight loss commercial.

Shoutout to Maddie Tiller for leaving her dirty underwear on Lexi’s pillow. Also for teaching Sabrina how to seduce a boy.

Shoutout to Addy for writing the best blog post I’ve seen. (I’ve actually only read 3). And for accidentally stripping in front of windows.

Shoutout to Matthew for actually being a model.

Shoutout to Bronte for adopting me when my bag was lost.

Shoutout to the airport for NOT deciding to keep my bag after they lost it. (Suck it Addy).

Shoutout to Cole for being the best back-popper of all time. Also for being an Indian rapper.

Shoutout to Amy for being an art teacher that actually became the canvas.

Shoutout to Brexton for rocking some nice Christmas shirts.

Shoutout to Caden for literally falling asleep everywhere. All the time.

Shoutout to Lexi for being the best tata dancer.

Shoutout to Dan for making all the girls fall in love with him.

Shoutout to Sierra for taking all the pictures I could ever need.

Shoutout to Albijeet? (our cook) for making us exotic food that is delicious.

Shoutout to JB for being the Indian jam.

Shoutout to our driver (Misolit?) for causing me trauma every time I get in a tata even though we now cheer him on every time he passes someone.

Shoutout to Corey and Steve for picking me for this expedition.

Shoutout to the people of Tangtala for being the kindest, happiest, and most welcoming people I have ever met.

Shoutout to my girls for teaching me what true, unconditional love is.

Shoutout to India for stealing my heart. P.S. I’m never coming home.


xoxo Madi Galli