Our village team is the best - Cole Sager

One week down, one more to go. I am kinda sad that we are done with teaching these beautiful little girls… They are so cute and they melt my heart every time they smile. Im in love with these girls and I can not believe that on Monday, that will probably be the very last time that I will ever see them. It breaks my heart. I am getting so close to them that leaving is going to suck. Our village team is the best. It consists of:

Melissa - She is mother. I love Melissa sooo much!!! She is the most amazing person

Oli - The toughest kid I have ever met.

Alexis B. - She is the sassy one of the bunch but is so and lovable

Tori - The bart face who is always so loving to everyone especially the kids


Kausha - All the kids love her. They call her “Kosa"

Addy (even though she’s not in my village) - my girlfriend.

Our team motto is, “Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take every moment and make it perfect” While teaching in our cute little school in our village Kochpukur and teaching the girls at the day boarding school, I have realized that you need to give it your all. The people of India are amazing. I have fallen in love. 

When I get home, I apologize for not using proper English and for speaking with my hands. I miss y’all in Utah so much but I do not miss the weather there. I wish it was this warm all the time at home. It has been the perfect temperature the entire time except for when the humidity is really bad. I just absolutely love it here. 

Cole Sager