Allison Ford- Our first day in the village of Kalsuin

We made it!!  It was a couple of long days of travel, but we made it. Today was our first day in our village, the kids were so excited. Our team consists of Kayla, Jordan, Josh, Ethan, Chelsie, Moraya, and Kelsie A. Our school is about 30 min away on a vey curvy, sometimes dirt road with shear cliffs on one side and falling foci on the other, it is quiet an adventure. The drivers play a mean game of chicken.

We pulled up to a blue building with goats tied up, chickens walking around a water pump in the middle of the dry yard and the cheers of 35 beautiful Indian children eager to learn. We went into the school to meet our kids, they were sitting quietly lined up on benches one behind the other in rows of six. The ages fang from 5 to about 12, but they look much younger. Praveen, who is around 9, is in charge, he read all our names, he is amuck better translator than Naveen, who is supposed to translate. You can't really understand, but he tries and is ver nice. After our introductions we started off our day with an innocent game of duck duck goose. We ran into a slight bit of trouble when beautiful, smiley Kayla slipped and fell. She ended up getting a few stitches in her knee. She is a champ! She didn't shed a single tear when she fell or when she got stitched up (without any numbing medication mind you). Janese (our nurse) and Becky (the intern) swooped in to the rescue and fixed her up. They are all awesome.

All the kids did a fantastic job teaching their workshops. They were all prepared and did a beautiful job. YMAD has gone to Kalsuin (pronounced Kal-Sui) before and most of the kids were familiar with all the workshops. They had one new girl, around 9, who speaks no English and has a hard time focusing. They kids came up with a plan to try and deal with that hopefully tomorrow we can put it in place and make a difference to her. Your children are beautiful and smart and I am very very grateful I get to work with them. They are extremely had working and kind. The children here love them.

Zippy, I recognized a lot of the kids you got to teach and loved. I spotted Rafi almost immediately. He is as cute as ever. He has he head shaved, we are having a little problem with lice at the school, most of the kids have it. We are doing everything we can to be smart about not getting it, but as you know the kids want to be held and touched. I am glad I get to see what you saw, it makes it that much better. I can see how India gets in your blood.

The people are beautiful and the mountains have terraced hillsides where people farm. The mornings are cool and he afternoon sun warms your face. This place is wonderful, the kids of India are beautiful and smart and so happy to play with your kids who are also beautiful and smart. Happy Thanksgiving to all, I am thankful for all that I have and all the people I love who love me. Enjoy each other on this holiday. I love you all. I miss you all.