Orange Team (Stacie Sturt)

I was driving in a TATA (Indian taxi)  and what did I see… Colors of Sarees, garbage, flowers, bicycles and India looking at me.

Brown beautiful faces, brown beautiful eyes. Excited and cheerful and eager to meet.

I see 6 amazing youth making a difference each day in the way they interact, lead, serve and love the children in Kotch Pakur and the girls in the day boarding school.

Jackson – Giant friend of little children, iron stomach.

Paula- Feeling famous and enjoying all of her adventures.

Jenny - Grace under pressure, flying on a tire swing!

Rachel – Touched to tears eager to be immersed in culture.

Sara –Calm and patient in thought and deed. Challenge taker.

Calvin – Desire to do more. Heart breaker.

Your teens are truly amazing and rising to the task before them. They have become famous in our village of Kotch Pakur. Children wait for their arrival at school with beautiful flowers to greet them each day as they get out of our tata. A parade of children follow them and people step out on the path to witness them. Families give all they have and welcome them as a great blessing in their homes.  I feel privileged to be a part of their experience in India.