Operation Shaanti Is in india and on its way to Jibhi!

The Team safely arrived in New Delhi at about  5:30 pm on Saturday night our time.  Four bags didn't make it to India.  Singapore Air will get the bags up to Jibhi by Monday night or Tuesday morning.  All the team is  doing great and are in good spirits.  It is a long process to get to Jibhi and they should arrive by 10:00 am Sunday Morning.  They are now traveling on a bus from Chandigar to the tunnel to Banjar.  They then transfer into SUV's for an Hour drive up in the Mountains off the main Highway.  The Jibhi camp is about the same distance as driving from the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon up to Brighton over Guardsman Pass and in to Midway.  the scenery is about the same with the exception of a lot steeper mountains and the road is a lot more windy.  I will post as soon as they arrive.   They have internet at the camp and we might even get some photos! IMG_3172

This is an image of the Jibhi camp.  Some of the team will be staying in insulated wall tents on platforms with bathrooms!


The view down the canyon from Jibhi looking in to Bunjar.


Latesh is one of the small Miracles from an earlier trip to Jibhi. When we first met he had a severe hair lip and  cleft pallet.  YMAD facilitated surgery and he now speaks and eats normal food.  The surgery totally changes his life.


Some of the students in one of the schools YMAD will be working in over the next 10 days!


Jibhi in all of its glory!  An amazing place in all of its beauty!