Operation ASHA made it to Delhi!

Just after 5:30 PM this evening the YMAD team arrived in Delhi. Everyone got through customs with out a hitch. Greg spent several hours working with Singapore Airlines baggage services to sort out the bags that didn't make it on the flight. There is nothing like paperwork in a foreign country. They took an inventory to see what whose bags were missing and it looks like we are 14 sleeping bags short. The rest of the bags will arrive tomorrow morning and will be sent directly up to Shalai. Everyone is in good spirits and excited for the next leg of the journey. No one seems to be affected by the fact that they don't have all of their bags. We have made arraingments to pick up some quilts and blankets in the last town near to Shalai. If any one is wondering the time in India is 12 hrs and 30 minutes ahead of Mountain Standard time. The team is expected to arrive some time this evening at Shalai.