Open Space

Some of the best things the US has going for it is open space to run around in. My Aunt came from Romania to visit and she was kind of flabbergasted about how big all of the houses are and that she could drive for five days and still be in the same country with no boarder crossings, I know how she feels now. One thing I have really missed while in India is the ability to go outside and go running, the pollution and overcrowded population here kinda sucks.
One thing I will miss once back in the states is the attitude of the people who live in Chamba. I’m especially going to miss being called Dee Dee, which means sister in Hindi. I loved when ChaiDee, Joselyn and I were running up Diarrhea Hill when three of the cutest girls attached themselves to me, started calling me Dee Dee and tried to run with us. They were so cute and I really wish I spoke Hindi so I could understand what one of the girls were saying. A lot of people here speak English because they learn it in school and watch Hollywood movies, it’s really nice when you meet someone and they can mostly communicate with you.
There are good and bad things that come with leaving India, like giving Liza, Neesha and Sanjeeve my last hug goodbye and leaving all of our kids. Either way I’m coming back a different person than who left for India two weeks ago.


p.s. And I love all of the YMAD kids so much! Thanks to their parents who let them come to India with me.