Only in India…

Only in India would I only burn one of my arms and not the other.

Only in India would I learn how to squat while going to the bathroom, and have to bring my own toilet paper.

Only in India would I take a bucket shower or not flush the toilet to conserve water.

Only in India do people you don’t know barge into your room and take pictures of you, with hi and wow being the only things they know how to say in English.

Only in India would you have to keep your arms inside the jeep because if you don’t your arms will get hit by other cars.

Only in India do you have to pay to take off your shoes while walking through the temples.

Only in India do you see wild monkeys, cows, goats, and stray dogs.

Only in India do the men wear helmets while driving a scooter while the women ride behind never wearing one.

Only in India do boys hold boy’s hands and girls hold girl’s hands, but boys and girls never hold hands.

Only in India do cars honking become background noise.

Only in India have I been so tired I wanted to die, and had to keep going for another three hours.

Only in India do you have to drink coke to get rid of parasites from dried mangos that your leader bought you.

Only in India do you have a beautiful landscape only to be ruined by all the garbage.

Only in India do they have Veggie surprise and McChicken at McDonalds.

Only in India would you see a giant statue of a Red Monkey that will bless you, even if you burn your feet getting to it.

Only in India does it seem out of place when you go running.

Only (going to church) in India do guys ask if you have a facebook and then proceed to get your information and picture.

Only in India does a six-hour jeep ride seem like two hours.

Only in India am I having the time of my life.

~Lydia Scott