One Scary Moment with a Miracle!

The team just completed the Singapore leg of the flight. The connection was about an hour and ten minutes, pretty tight to have to change terminals. At some point JoDee realized she had left her hip bag containing her passport and all of her other important documents on the plane they had just left. PANIC! Greg got the team on the next flight while Chad and Jodee ran back to the other terminal. Once again another miracle transpired and the hip bag ended up at the plane flying to Delhi. But no Jodee or Chad. Everyone was sweating bullets as Greg tried to stop the airline from closing the plane. At the last minute JoDee & Chad walked on the plane. The door closed and the team was off on the last leg of the flight! I promise from past experience that no one will move again without checking for their stuff. Good thing it was a leader!

I have made this trip may times and have had first hand experience with the little miracles that take place on our expeditions. Some may call it Karma, I have my own opinion, whatever your belief may be, know that some on is watching over our team!
We have had some positive word on the bags that didn't make the flight. They are on the plane from San Francisco to Delhi and will arrive a day later than the kids. The plan is for them to take an inventory in Delhi and then head up to Shalai. My partner Rakesh Maskara will get the bags in Delhi and make sure they catch up to the group the next day.
The Highland kids were ecstatic about their 4A state football championship win! Greg said they were cheering out loud in the airport as they checked out the details on the internet in Korea.