One Day - Paul Sadleir

My opinion of India may be a little skewed because just two hours ago we had to say goodbye to the sweetest most wonderful girls. One day I hope to see them again and build on the friendships that we already made. One day I hope to sufficiently express my gratitude to them for the love I felt and the lessons I learned. How you can grow to love and care for people in just 7 days is beyond me, but these girls deserve so much and ask for so little. It really was heart wrenching to say goodbye but I know the fun and enjoyable memories will without a doubt outweigh that low point.

On a lighter note, today is India’s independence day and we went to the village celebration. There was dancing and singing, the setting was unbelievable and they were extremely hospitable. It was fun to feel like we were on good standards with everyone there; they introduced “Mr. James Baird and his friends” as we went up on stage to perform. We sang one day and it was a neat experience to be on stage singing in front of a large group of Indians about equality and treating people the same and the hopes of one day our children will be able to enjoy a world like that. We haven’t done it all in one trip, but I feel like YMAD really is out making a difference one expedition at a time.
I think about Forrest Gump a lot because it is the greatest movie ever. Life really is like a box of chocolates, we don’t know what we are going to get. Why was I born where I was and find time to complain? Why were these girls born into the conditions they were and show so much love and complain so little? The other night we were out looking at the mountains and little house lights dotted the hillside, and then stars appeared in the black sky... you couldn’t tell where the earth ended and the heavens began (another Forrest Gump reference). Anyway, I think one of my favorite things about being here is that we have nothing else to think about aside from the moment we are in. It is rare in life that we have experiences in which all external pressures don’t find a way to creep in. School, money, drama, to-do lists etc.… they are all non-existent. Life is good : ) BYE 
Paul Sadleir