A long time ago in a land far away, I sat at home just getting home from a YMAD retreat. I was so excited for what India would bring so I wrote a little piece about what YMAD means to me. This is what I wrote: Youth Making a Difference or as I like to call it, YHMAD: A group of high school seniors brought together by fate to change the lives of underprivileged children in India. And it’s more than changing the lives of the children. IT’s about changing ourselves to be the best leaders we can become. IT’s about inspiring everyone we meet in our community and worldwide. It’s about guiding the children and the many generations after them out of poverty. YMAD isn’t just a 501 {c3} corporation and it’s more than just fundraising a few dollars. YMAD is a group, a team, and a family determined to make a difference worldwide. We don’t do it because it looks good on a college application and we don’t go to the meetings for the rice crispy treats or to boogey to the Hoedown Throwdown. We chose to be a part of YMAD, or rather, YMAD chose us to become the next group to learn what one whole, visionary, inspirational, courageous, forgiving, compassionate, and grateful person can make with just ONE DAY.

Well team, we’ve had a lot of ONE DAY’s this past week. I feel like everything that we’ve learned about for the past year has come into play somehow during our adventures here in India.

Today was amazing being able to go to all four schools for the cultural exchange. I love my Indian children so much, I can’t believe we only have ONE more DAY with them, but everyone at home can bet that we’re going to make the best of it!

-Megan Stromness