One Day

One day (soon,soon,soon) I will be back in India. Before I ever heard about YMAD, I remember making a list of places in the world I wanted to travel. On this list was basically every country even Antarctica, but I specifically remember saying I never wanted to go to India. The idea made me cringe!. Then a few months later I found out about YMAD, and I was sold with everything about this group of amazing leaders :) well, everything but the fact that we were going to India. I went ahead and applied anyway, when I was accepted I was really excited! As the year progressed and I got more involved with the leaders, our group and our mission, India didn't make me cringe anymore, but I never felt excited about going. My excitement was more about why we were coming. I'm not going to lie even on the plane ride coming over, India didn't appeal to me. . . Then we landed. I've never fallen in love with a country, it's culture, or it's people this fast in my life! The way these kids (YMAD and the kids in our schools) have touched my life and changed it forever is (here is comes the word we've been forbidden to use) indescribable!!! One day (in the very near future) I WILL come back to India!

Mom, Dad, Marco, Nan: I know you will all understand when I say I am absolutely NOT home sick! Your the best family anyone could ask for! I can't wait to try and attempt to tell you guys all about this.