One Bag

Guys we are finally in India. We are all alive. And all of our bags are here (almost). When we got to the Delhi airport they had a sign that said “Ms. Jordyn Standage” so I talk to the guy. He said that one of my bags didn’t make it. Honestly right then and there my heart sank, I knew it was my personal bag because Michael jinxed it saying that mine wouldn’t show up because I had a seat to myself on the last flight. Surely mine didn’t show up. So when we got to baggage claim and found out it was Andrew’s guitar. HUGE sigh of relief then. *Wait first shout out to my Shaanti family I made it through the San Fran airport WITHOUT tripping! But I did take a picture where I tripped so that’s super cool right? Hahaha.. geez that was so embarrassing!

We had to wait a few hours because our flight to Dharmsala was delayed but after we got on our little plane that i honestly didn’t believe could get us there we met Jatinder and were on our way to Chamba. We got in late last night and I’m already in love. We are staying where the girls are staying they are just downstairs and we are right above them. Which is really cool because they have never had people stay here with them so apparently.

The girls were up here doing their morning stretches and I’m already in love, they are beautiful and so smart I can just tell we are going to have an amazing time for these four days we’re here. I can’t wait to start this adventure with these 9 amazing people I’m with right now!

I know my posts are usually longer but for right now all we have done is travel travel travel so I’ll update you more later!

Xoxo Jordie