Olivia Ogilvie - It’s amazing!

INDIA. . .  It’s amazing! I have so much to talk about and not enough time, energy or space to write it. Let me just start with the driving… its intense! I thought that I had some idea of how crazy driving in India is but I definitely did not. It is the most insane experience ever, and yet I still feel safe on the roads. It’s as though everyone has an unspoken code when it comes to driving. They use honking as a way to let everyone know they are there and are flashing their brights constantly. I kind of actually love it; it is an adrenaline rush! The last two days have been the best days of my life. I can’t even describe how amazing it has been. We finally made it to our school on Wednesday and I have never had so much fun. Our school is Nihan and it is about 45-50 minutes up farther into the Himalayas from where we are staying in the NHPC. On the drive up we are inches away from a huge cliff, its kind of terrifying. Nihan is definitely not what I expected, it is a very small building and all the kids were on the roof because it is to cold to be in the basement. We have about 28-30 kids in our school that range from 1st to 5th grade; they are the cutest kids in the whole world! I never thought that I could grow so attached to these kids at all, let alone two days; but I love them so much, I can’t imagine saying goodbye. These kids are so incredible, they are beautiful and hilarious and SO SMART! One girl, Sarika, is my favorite little girl. She is about five or six and is the size of a three year old, but she is the sweetest girl. She has the most beautiful smile and the most adorable laugh. And then there is Nageesh, the most hilarious little boy ever!! He wears this tiny old man sweater and is CRAZY! He loves Tanner and just holds on to him like a little monkey! I could write a novel about each of the kids there, but still don’t have the time. After finishing up at the school we go to the Temple Ashram, which is famous to YMAD people. It is so amazing! The Temple Ashram is a girls only orphanage and the girls there are amazing! Yesterday we just talked with them for almost two hours and I had at least 6 kids hanging on to me the whole time. All the girls are in love with Tanner and Christian! It’s so cute! Today we got to play games with them and make bracelets and they all gave them to us after they were done! It is so touching how giving they are, they spent so much time making the bracelets and just gave them to us. I am sorry this is so long, but this has just been amazing! The whole experience has made me think completely differently about life. I don’t want to leave. I love everyone back home! Shout out to Mom and Dad, Alex, Jackson, Grace and Bro. Prestwich and the A7 class! See you soon!!!! Love Olivia