Olivia Creer

Today was obviously the best day… our first official day with the girls.  Words can’t even describe how stinking cute these girls are.  I am already in love with all of them.  The way they can come and hang out with a group of kids they’ve never met and already be so outgoing with them amazes me and how much I love them after just one day amazes me even more.  We started out the day eating breakfast with them and then moved into the main room for get to know you games.  The ratio of us to girls was about 1:3 so we got some good one on one time for get to know you. We had them do a get to know you poster and then draw their families and friends in a picture frame and share with everyone.  Seeing how much English they actually understand is crazy.  Coming here I didn’t think they’d know anything but a couple of them could even be translators their English is so good.  After that we split up into our groups and for Lindsey’s workshop we had the girls talk about their emotions.  All of the girls were adorable when we had them act out a skit expressing their feelings.  Then we had lunch and then went straight into my workshop!  I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was but having the group I had to help it went so well.  I taught the girls mixing colors and afterwards some even told me it was their favorite workshop.  They got to learn all of the different colors you can get from mixing other colors and then with those colors had to paint a picture.  It was so cute, they ALL painted a picture of the mountains with their house in front.  Its so funny how structured everything is.  They all draw the same tree, house, person, mountains everything.  That’s why I think our section of art is really good for them because it can teach them to be more creative.  The littler girls did so well with mixing colors today I was so happy!! They understood the lesson very well and had so much fun painting their pictures.  Their pictures were a little more creative, not as many mountains.  After our lessons we headed into town to pick out new pantsuits for all of them.  Its so fun being able to help them in so many different ways.  First teach them English and then supply them with more clothes.  Seeing where they live and their living conditions makes me sick.  It makes me want to open up my own orphanage just for these girls with actual showers, beds, toilets and everything we take for granted.  I honestly have learned so much from them already.  Its so refreshing to see people that have so little to be so happy.  These girls truly are the sweetest things I have ever met and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my week with them!