Ole Ole Ole Ole!

  So…….we play soccer…well.  And like……. We should probably go professional. I know this because of the end scoreboard at our previous soccer games with the locals……ya, the locals. We have assembled the 2012 dream team and we honestly can’t be beat. I mean in all honesty I have to give some credit to our fearless trainer, and leader, Raymo, ‘cause as we all know Scotts can play, dang good.  Outside our……living quarters…. We have this field. And when we get back from our days as teachers, we find about 50 Indian locals just chillin’ ready to play. So we do.


2012 Shakti Roster

  • Mickey Rudolph (Right Defense)
  • Spencer Pihl (Left Defense)
  • Sam Strong (Striker)
  • Raymo Holowell (Mid/ Team Captain)
  • Jeffrey Lunt (Power Forward)
  • Adam Williams (Power Forward)
  • Robert Neff (Goal Keeper in Training)
  • Katie Craig (Sub)
  • Jessie Sullivan (STAR CLUTCH PLAYER)
  • A bunch of nameless Indian children (Who knows?)


And can I just say, Jeff goes hard in the paint. The other team is way funny too though. The people we play against range from probably….15-35+ and due to the absence of referees, all play is permitted, at least by the other team.

The field is really nice too. It s super flat, no dirt, green as can be, no bushes, and huge. That was a lie. Ha! Regardless, play by play. Day 1 we had more of a scrimmage, against 5 or 6 players, things got heated. Day 2, we come home from The Day boarding school and BAM! 50 men screaming come play. I literally felt like I was at Rio Tinto. Anyways, people got fouled, shirts came off, and play went on. And even though we tied, I had the time of my life. I’m sure by the end of this experience I will poor my soul out, digitally, to you about how much my life has been changed by these people I have had the privilege to teach, but simply being here, talking to everyone I see, about the life they live, the music they like, the food they eat, and the things they do to live, is a life changing experience in itself. And to connect with these people, that don’t even speak the same language as me, through something as simple as a game of Futbol, is enough to make me get emotional; about the shear opportunity I have to be here. I wouldn’t change a thing.  Oh and don’t worry, I’m making lots of new Facebook friends.


-Adam Ronaldo Williams