Today was such an incredible day. We started off by teaching the girls about colors and transitioned into fruits and vegetables. All of the girls are so respectful and give a lot of effort during our lessons, so they are really easy to teach. After lunch, we were playing games and singing songs with them. We started talking about yoga, and they all showed us eagle pose. Then, we played around with other balancing poses. All of us were falling and grabbing at each other and the girls were having a lot of fun. I asked them to show me more yoga. They sat on the ground with their legs crossed and started doing meditation practices and chanting "ohm." We followed their lead and began meditating with them. At first, everyone was chanting at different times and we weren't in unison, but as we breathed and meditated together, we began to become more in sync. My eyes were closed, but I could just hear the vibrations and energy of our voices getting greater and greater, and eventually we were all totally together. It felt unlike anything I have ever experienced. Later, David told me that he was taking pictures the whole time and that his camera was clicking like crazy, but I could not hear any of that in the moment. I could not hear anything. Ohm symbolizes all the sounds of the universe coming together as one, and that is how it felt today. All of the voices of the little girls and our voices blended together and traveled on one wavelength. We chanted ohm for a while, I honestly have no idea how long, and then we all stopped. At the exact same time. I have honestly never felt so connected to other people in my life. Even though we are here to try and teach these girls, I realized how much we are all learning from each other. These girls are so kind and good-hearted and they inspire me to be more kind. They constantly tell us how beautiful we all are and compliment us on everything. They are so appreciative of everything we do for them and they are genuinely excited about every lesson, song, and craft we do with them. They are teaching me, while I am teaching them. We have come together and connected on a much deeper level, almost to the point where our spirits are in unison. Meditating with them today made me realize how strong of a relationship I already have with these girls, and I could not be more honored to me here with them.

Catch you on the flipside.

Katie Bezdjian