Off to Wonderland! It's nose piercing time.

I’m a monster! Not because the only way I know how to love these awesome girls is through pain but because I can’t help from laughing at it! That’s right, I tried to show the girls my affection by taking them to get their noses pricked with a sharp needle, it was nose piercing day. Next to their dentist visit, I’m an angel! Now, just to let you know, these girls wanted it done more than I thought and they PROMISED me that they would NOT cry and this promise was the deal breaker that made me agree. So, Raj and I grabbed them, unexpectedly, right after school and took them to Naggar. The crazy thing is that Anju, the youngest (and shyest) one, volunteered to be the first! The first! I couldn’t believe that but what came after was unbelievable too.
So, Anju went first and all the girls turned their heads so they wouldn’t be forced to see the pain; all they heard was a “ahh, ahh, ahhhh, oh.” I think that convinced Kirna to go next and that it wouldn’t be so bad. Kirna, Kirna, Kirna. She’s the second youngest and I could feel her enthusiasm, her false enthusiasm actually. After the prick, Raj and I heard laughing! Laughing! So we started to laugh, we couldn’t believe that Kirna was actually having a good time. But then we looked closer and saw tears…she wasn’t laughing, she was hard core crying! Kirna’s laugh is identical to her cry! The poor girl was crying and crying while Raj and I were laughing and laughing! Mind you that I told the girls to stop laughing at Kirna because she gets too embarrassed, what a great role model I am. Poonam was also a champ, that is after I had to pry her out of the car again. Lata surprised me, she’s 14 and I thought this would be a synch for her but I was wrong. This girls would not give her nose up! Her arms were stapled to her face and it took both me and Raj to hold her down. Pooja was last and by golly does this girl hate to be touched! I felt like I was working in a mental institute trying to hold down a patient to take his meds, but it was actually Pooja I was holding down. I told her (and all the girls) if they really don’t want it then get back in the car and we don’t have to do it, they knew that! Once the poking began Pooja started screaming (while smiling, by the way) “Mera nak! Mera nak! Choro! Choro! (My nose, my nose. Let go, let go!)”
Now here’s the kicker, ready for it? Are you sure you’re ready? Well, after hearing and seeing all this and even having been pricked herself, Miss Anju, Miss Bonefied Superwoman stood up and asked the jeweler to prick her ears to have them pierced. Both of mine and Raj’s jaws dropped to the floor, we were stunned that this little girl wanted to go through it not again but three times! I hope this taught the other girls a lesson!
The girls are happy now, they enjoy their new noses and are begging me to get them a nice gold ring with a diamond; I think I’ve created little monsters! They were all excited to go to school this morning to show off their new look too, I even caught two of them showing off in the mirror!
Besides that, I can tell you the truth that I have not spent a single minute writing any of my personal statements for my applications (I use the excuse: “I’m still looking for inspiration”) and Mother and I had our first official fight. I don’t mean those little petty arguments, I mean the one when the tall broad shouldered Hungarian woman stands two inches away from my face so I can smell her spaghetti dinner kind of fight. She was nasty to me but I held my ground and I was cutthroat back at her. I’m ready for the next one, bring it on!
Spiders, on the other hand, them I can’t take………