OFF THE BEATEN PATH……. (Adult Leader Jake)


Finished our second day of teaching today.  As extremely well as our first day went, the second was even better!  What incredible people I have on my team.  Elliot, Isaac, Kate, Kenzie, Madeline H., Nate, and Stephie, you are ROCKSTARS!!! My team has had two great days at the Raj Naghar school, and two great days after school at the all-boys ashram.

Our school is the farthest from the house and is quite remote.  It includes some significant dirt-road navigation and a decent hike, which winds through a tiny village filled with humble homes and many cows.  I’m becoming quite fond of the drive to and from the school- it is beautiful.

Getting to the ashram grounds where we spend time with about a dozen boys (ages 8-14) is also quite an adventure.  We have to leave the main road and four-wheel up an expansive, dry riverbed to get there.  I think my team enjoys this part- especially Nate, Isaac and Elliot.

PARENTS: The students and the boys from the ashram are really benefitting from your kids being here! Your kids are happy, healthy and making a difference, in their lives and the lives of others!  I’m sure they miss home and family as much as I do, but are so glad to be a part of something great!!!