Ode to India

by, Spencer Cook

Our time in India is not a waste,
But still it is better if we make haste,
To make a difference is what we seek
But we are left with one more week

The kids and their faces melt my poor heart,
Big brown eyes and smiles, don’t let me start.
When I sit on the roof and look in the sun,
Just think how fun.

I learned to work off my rear just for a smile,
But I finish and feel I have run many miles.
The joy of my soul breathes loudly tonight,
To leave these poor kids will be a hard fight.

I love these great mountains and the fauna that flows,
But I am gunna buy a shotgun to kill those freaking crows.
I plan on returning with out regrets,
I will come back for the better against all bets.

Steal candy from Warren, draw on Will’s face,
Push Jake into strangers, pee on Scotts Pillow Case.
This crazy adventure is nothing but fun
I wish I could spend it with every one.