No Walmart's over here! By Greg Davis

It was another stunning day in Shalai. Our team is all over teaching english! We decided as a team to get new school uniforms, pants, shirts, shoes and socks. In one of the schools we are going to put some benches so the kids don't have to sit in the dirt and snow. The village is small and just right out side of our compound. There is not a lot of selection in the market so we are going to have to get to Pontasahib. No Walmart over here! I dread the drive! It has been interesting to figure out the sizes of all of the clothing and shoes for the the kids but I think we have it! Some of the things we will get locally and I sent a driver to down the road to Pontasahib for some Rupees, way better than making the drive myself! Things are pretty inexpensive over here. Shoes are about two dollars. We can probably get the entire uniforms for five dollars. We think we can get the benches at a government supply store.

It is so interesting that the things we have control over are amazing like the cars, the food, the lodging, the schools, the work shops, the translators and our team. The challenge is to be able to deal with the surprises that come up! It is a good thing we have had Raj to help us out! WE have hit a good stride but the time is going by so fast!
All of our team are in good health and doing great! Tomorrow is the cultural event at the high school. It should be fun!