No Spiders So Far! by Bekki Brau

  Sooo where to start. This trip has been so insane and we haven’t even gotten to Banjar yet. It has been so awesome to see all the different places and cultures. I love Singapore..decided I’m going to move there someday because it is so beautiful. I love talking to all of the different people too. It’s surprising how many people speak English throughout the world, so there are many opportunities to make new friends. Although I’m not sure I like how much I stick out, I would rather just become extremely tan and grow black hair overnight.. so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing with this blogging thing. I guess I could write about washing my hair in the Singapore airport sink, or pantsing Kendrick in the airport for five bucks or almost cutting a gecko in half on the roof. But I want to focus on my goals for the trip. Mainly just to be happy and cheerful the whole time by smiling at everyone. Spread a little sunshine in the lives that I may run into, even it’s just for a second! :) oh, and no spiders so far, thank the stars.