No Regrets

By: Kip Winterton A year ago, I was cast to play the lead role of Cosmo Brown in Singin’ in the Rain. We were to destroy the Olympus High stage by making it rain on the wooden stage floors.  I started learning how to tap dance and got pretty freaking good at it. Our original performance week was supposed to be at the beginning of May.  Everything was supposed to work out with me going to India.  About two months ago, I was called into my teacher’s office.  I was informed by our principal that the budget did not allow us to keep our original performance dates.  The original Olympus High School was then to be torn down at the end of March, changing the opening night to March 24th.  I looked at the ground knowing that I had a decision to make.  It was either to experience the blessings of this India trip or to play in this super exciting production of Singin’ in the Rain. I had already been practicing for over a month and was ready to start full runs of the show. After much contemplation, I decided to come to India instead. I can honestly say now that I have no regrets with my decision to experience this trip.  I am honored to have the opportunity to associate with some of the most amazing people in the world.  This YMAD group is unique because of the success we have seen despite the obstacles we have had to overcome. I am honored to be surrounded by people like Greg and Megan Davis, Raj Thakur Greg Stewart, Janese, Sandeep, Erin, Marci, Katy, Flint, and Susan.  They are a group of amazing unselfish people who leave their families to create a good experience for us as well as the children of India. I want to take this time to thank them for all they have done for us.  I can’t comprehend what they have done for us because I have honestly just survived on their enthusiasm during this whole experience with YMAD. In closing I want to express the honor it has been to have met some of the most exceptional and beautiful children on the face of the earth. These kids represent everything I aspire to be in my own life.  They are among the most pure and innocent people alive. I admire their character and their reflection of God’s love for His children.  As I say goodbye to the village of Jibhi, I want to thank everyone involved with getting me here.  You know who you are so pat yourself on the back for making a difference for not only me, but some of the most amazing little people on God’s green earth.