No Name

Even amongst the piles and piles of trash in India, I have been amazed by the beauty in this country.

1. The children waiting anxiously at the gate as we arrived at the ashrams.

2. Driving on the edge of the steepest cliffs overlooking hand plowed terraces

3. The village women loving “Pinky” and handling her with such care.

4. The strength of the women hiking up the mountainside hauling 30+ pounds on their head.

5. A family of four headed to the park all on one scooter.

6. Being invited to tea with the most gracious host and sharing the afternoon with the women of the villages.

7. Having a dum dum after a medical check-up always brings a smile.

8. Mastering the art of squatting after a few failed attempts.

9. Doing the hokey pokey and shaking it all about.

10. The simple jester of smile.

Thanks for everyone who supported us and made this trip possible!!