Sydney Bowen These kids have stolen my heart.  I knew they would, but it's different once you are here. You can't truly understand unless you have been.  I refuse to keep track of the time we have left with the kids cause I seriously would give anything to be with them twenty four seven.  They constantly surprise me with how smart they are. It is the best feeling in the world to see them understand and learn what you teach them. And you can see it in their proud smiles when they know. However, it has been a little bit of a challenge to keep the kids talking in English and not rambling off in Hindi. This sweet little girl grabbed my face the other day and said, "Hindi! No English!", while pointing to herself then pointed to me and said "no Hindi???" I said no and watched her bring her hand to her head in disappointment. It was probably one of the cutest things I have seen.  Constantly the kids want to teach me Hindi but as they realize I'm not catching onto what they say in Hindi more and more of them have become little translators, which ends up helping them practice their English. India will always have a piece of my heart. And I blew a kiss for those of you back home who understand me completely. You know who you are. Love you all but no offense, I don't want to come home. Hope all is well.