I am lucky enough to be one of the people that has had this amazing experience 2 times. I am just soaking up every moment here. This time we IDarner, Shuki, Jordan, Anika, Hannah, Sarah and I) were able to open a school that YMAD hasn't ever been to before called Nihan. There are so many things that I absolutely love about Nihan but I want to share my top 5.

1. The drive up into the middle of the Himalayan mountains is impossible to describe unless you have been there. They are so immense and grand that words can't describe them.
2. Lunch on the edge. By edge I mean we all sit out on the edge of the road and have a 360 panoramic view of the mountains.
3. The drive home listening to the YMAD kids talk about all of the children at the school and how much they love them.
4. Priyanka. This little girl that I want to put in my suitcase and bring her home. And yes, my wife has already approved of this:)
5. Teaching English to the kids. They all want to learn so badly and they try so hard. I have already been able to see a lot of progress in the short period of time that we have been here.
One last thing that I want to mention that really made me realize how much we are able to influence the lives of these people is an experience that I had yesterday. We were able to go and visit all of the schools that we are teaching in this year. In 2008 I was assigned the Sahoo School. When we went to visit the teacher saw me and yelled my name and he was so excited to see me. Just a good reminder to always be positive and try and give it your all.
We can make a difference.