Nick Liddell- India A place where I still feel at Home.

Tonight at the meeting Chad talked a lot about love. Our love for the kids, their love for us, and the love we are going to retain after we come home from India, raised tender feelings as Nick “Clutch” Clark asked us to remember the moments that have changed us, and apply these feelings to personal situations. India is definitely different. It isn’t what I expected, but still I feel at home.  I have never not felt safe, no matter what situation because of the leaders we have. First, I would like to give a huge shout out to Chad. I will never fully be able to understand the intense emotions and responsibilities that he carries, his love for us and the children. I have a huge respect for the leaders that help us grow.  Jenny is my village team leader, and she is great with the kids. All of her children that have been to India have been to Sahoo, and I can instantly see the connection she has with the school. She loves it, and that makes me love it even more. Clutch is an awesome guy, and I look up to him a lot. He is definitely a great role model that has helped me understand India to a much greater extent. The connections with the children are instant, and I understand now why it is so important that I came. There is a small girl named Isha. She is possibly the cutest little girl I have ever met, and I know it is going to be impossible to leave her. I am really nervous for when the moment comes that we have to leave both the kids at the school in Sahoo, and the boys in the Ashram. I wish I could do more for them, but I know that what I have done so far is enough to plant a seed for success. That’s what YMAD is about. Planting seeds that spread thoughts into flowers and trees. I am already dreaming about the day when I get to return to India; I never want to leave. I love the kids, the people, the food, the spiders, the cold, the Robert Baird vests all of the boys got, the squatter toilets, the sketchy car rides, and especially the kids. Our trip is half way over, and it is surreal. The view from Dhami’s house of the Himalayas is possibly the most beautiful in all of the Earth, and I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to experience Chamba.  

Nick Liddell