Nick Clark February Update

We have had tremendous success in Kullu. The past interns have done an amazing job setting it all up. Alex and I were stoked to get our turn to make a lasting difference in Kullu. We have had so many things going our way. We would teach in two schools a day.
Help the girls with there homework and give them love they needed. There is much more we want to set up there. We made some really good friends there too. Raj and Nisha! There are some of the most down to earth, hard working people on this plane. Raj is the MAN that is all you need to know about him. He has looked after us the second we step of the bus. He is always thinking about other people, always asking if we are doing fine, or if we need anything.

He does wonderful work for the ashram, running place to place getting things done. And he has a great since of humor .We are in good hands with Raj Sir. Nisha is the warden for the ashram. She is like a mom/older sister to the girls. Making sure all their needs are kept. Keeping them on a tight schedule and always making sure they have all their homework done. The girls love her! She is a perfect fit for them.

YMAD could not have found two better people in this world to help them run this ashram. They are a blessing for up above.
It all sounds like every thing in Kullu is just great. But there is just one thing from stopping us there. And its name is mother. She a nice lady when she wants to be, the reason we our in Chamba right now is because of her. She just makes it very difficult to do anything there. So for the time being Alex and I are going to make a difference somewhere else. But we will go back to Kullu to be with our girls and our friends again! It pains us not being with our girls and our friends Raj and Nisha. It was so sad to leave them. I don’t think I have ever been heart broken in my life till now. It’s a crummy feeling. I was laying in bed in Chamba one night and I said what is this feeling of hurt I have in my heart? I started thinking I miss home. But I wasn’t thinking about American I was thinking of the people we love and the places we call home in Kullu. Because Home is where your heart is. And Those Girls have stolen it right out of my chest. But no matter what happens Park & I are on the trip of a life time and we our STOKED to see what happened next! We are so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you YMAD