Nick Clark

There’s a lot to say because India always brings awesome experiences every time you go. We’ve had some amazing teaching opportunities as a group and me personally. But let me tell you the other side of India… So Raj and I had to go buy some stuff out in the market the other day.  The markets in India are usually one street long filled with people, cows, and garbage. You have no privacy.  Anyways, Raj and I had to use the bathroom. We decided to go off the main street and find a place where we could go (you really can go anywhere in India) but we chose a side alley to do our business.  As soon as the stream began an Indian man came out and started yelling in Hindi.  I looked at Peeping Tom and yelled “Hey, I’m peeing here, go away” then Raj yelled in Hindi the exact same thing so Tom would understand.  He replied in Hindi but did not move.  At this point we were committed.  We slightly giggled as the stream progressed and came to an end. We zipped up and walked away as Tom and I had our last moment.  He said something to me in Hindi that I didn’t understand and Raj started to laugh.  I asked what was so funny and once Raj composed himself he said that the mans job was to protect that alley from being peed on because it was a government building.  Moral of the story, Peeping Tom sucks at his job. And here’s me and some cute Indian kids focusing in class.

Love, Clutch