New Place-New Adventure

By, David Cobabe

Well I don’t know what to say to make people happy… but this has been the most life changing experience of my life. The kids here started out really shy, but now that we have been there a few days the kids are warming up to us. They hold our hands, and run up to us when they see us. Man it is so great! And the best thing is that because of these kids, the plane, the bus, and the SUV rides were worth it - even though they were the worst!

Oh -and Mom-that dry shampoo did NOT work in my hair, it makes my hair stand up like a mow hawk; so that was a great idea… Also packing the extra cloths in my backpack was useful, because I was missing my bag for a few days.

Well I hope this makes everyone happy because really; not to be mean; I don’t care about the BLOG. I am having the best time of my life!!

P.S. Michael thanks a million for letting me go instead of you, because it has meant a lot!